Top 10 CHEAPEST and Most AFFORDABLE Universities in CANADA for International students in 2023

hi everyone today I’ll be discussing a topic that every International students that want to study in Canada wants to know the cheapest universities in Canada I know studying abroad can be quite expensive but Canada is known for offering high quality of education at an affordable price and I’ve done an extensive research that I’ve compared a list of these top cheapest universities in Canada that offer the best quality of education and also world-class learning experience so sit tight grab a pen paper and let’s dive into a list of the top 10 out of the top cheapest universities in Canada for international students the great news about this this universities is that if you have an English-speaking country you don’t need to write the English proficient study ieltls and on that good thing about this University is that they offer they offer postgraduate work permit eligible program which means that if your intention is to stay in Canada after graduation then you are able to apply for post graduation work perming upon graduation from this University so if you do a four years bachelor’s program or a two years Master as a four years PhD or two years post graduate diploma you’ll be eligible for a three years post graduation work permit and if you do a one-year let’s say graduate certificate program or you know it post graduate diploma program in these universities you’ll be eligible to to get a one-year post-graduation work permit isn’t that amazing okay another great thing about this University is that they are all designated learning Institute so it means that either approved by the government of Canada for international students so sit tight let’s explore all of these universities together they might be one that is interesting for you definitely apply very first one I want to talk about is Memorial University of Newfoundland so I want to show you exactly how what that the nutrition from their website so that you know whatever I’ve seen is true so you can see here that their master’s program there are different plans but the most common plan is plan a for international students you can see here they have a tuition of a thousand six hundred dollars per semester and that will be paid for your 2006 semesters then you can check you know assumption to some of the other programs and how it applies to the specific Department that they’re going to be applying for I want to quickly bring to your attention remember University have what they call special fees not all the programs are special fee for example if you’re thinking of applying to Computer Engineering their master’s program the international student outside of the education they have a special fee of 20 000 uh they have a special fee of 20 000 Canadian dollars per year so take notice of that and then environmental systems engineering management they have a special fee of 16 000 Canadian dollars per year so the second school that I wanted to talk to you about is the University of Northern British Columbia um this university is in BC um the province of British Columbia so you can kind of check you know to see what the attrition is so if we see here that there are International tuition is azure so they are International International tuition is 8 000 you know almost eight thousand dollars per year and then for MBA they also have an additional uh an additional fee so always check your specific program you know uh when when when checking um the fee what is is it’s a very you know um cheap you know University as compared to all those other you know expensive University then the third University that I wanted to talk about is the University of Saskatchewan Universal Saskatchewan is in a province uh called Saskatchewan so let’s see what the attrition fee is so if you check this uh the thesis project Masters and PhD so you can see here per year it’s about six thousand eight thousand dollars per year and then the semester is around 2 600 Canadian dollars per semester so also think about that and then if you’re going for a course-based master’s program and also a postgraduate from a program then so they calculate the cost per uh Chile unit graduates you know class so depends on the number of courses you take in a semester they are determining the amount of money you are going to be paying for your tuition okay let’s go to the fourth University um Simon Fraser University summer Fraser University is also in British Columbia so let’s see what the attrition fee is so if I scroll down it also depends on you know different uh different departments also have their different a different fee right for example if we go to okay there’s no specific one here faculty of so these are all of the Departments that they have you know mostly for full-time um fee is mostly around you know uh close to two thousand dollars per Siemens also per term here means per semester continuing fee it’s like um after you have you know maybe your program is supposed to be six years and then sorry in the two years program and that after a two year program you still have some extension and some things to finish up then you’re not going to be paying the full tuition for the following year so I’m going to be paying a continuing a continuous your continuing fee so the fifth university University of Calgary University of Calgary is in a province a better so it’s specifically in Calgary Calgary is not better it’s pretty beautiful and nice and amazing City so if you click on that if you check on their website here um you see here that the the tuition based thesis based tuition is around you know 8 000 Canadian dollars per year for international students however the MBA is quite expensive you know you can see that it’s quite expensive then for cost-based programs depends also you know on the number of courses you take um a semester that will determine the amounts you’re going to pay if you decide to take three courses or two courses depends on the program requirement you can choose you know uh how many program you want to take so the department will tell you um how many programs you need to take for the two years of the Court this course based Masters then you can plan on that to determine how many courses you are going to take for how you’re going to spread the courses you know uh whether fall or winter spring depends on what is available okay let’s move to branding University so Brandon university is in a province Manitoba Manitoba yes that is the name of the province so let’s see what they have so if I click on um International if I click on their International um graduate tuition then it’s going to give me this um let’s go to give me this fire then you can see you know depends on the specific program that you are applying for you know for example if he’s in the faculty of Education you know by the time you add everything together you kind of seeing a total of about you know 5200 you know some 30 000 depends on the program you know the next University University of Guelph University of Guelph is in Ontario it’s in Ontario so our Guelph is in Ontario so if you well I would say it depends on the program in a particular University there are some departments or some courses that are more expensive than others so don’t use same tuition to judge everything but what I’ve been showing you all this right just give you like an average of What the tuition can be you know on the average and specific programs can have you know some special fees so if I click on university.graph and they so depends you know on the program as well right so this is for uh this is for 4 20 21 and also winter 2022 then you can see the program here for example um masters of you know for example their MBA is um about the mbase about um eight thousand dollars per year for the first semester right and then some other Masters program eight thousand two hundred monsters of bioinformatics you know it’s a little bit more expensive and then must have Applied Nutrition and that’s around you know twelve thousand five hundred dollars per year is University of Victoria University of Victoria Victoria is in British Columbia as well so uh let’s see what they have so so this is for international you can see international student graduate massage program so on the average you know tuition for international student for one term is around you know which is one semester right um close to three thousand eight hundred dollars per semester and then for two years around six thousand six hundred dollars per semester so this should be number nine okay if I’m not mistakes so number nine is Mount Allison University Mount Allison University so if you check the attrition here so this is for um this is for you see that undergraduation and also their graduate tuition so for their graduate student for six terms which is like sixth semester is around a thousand six hundred and seventy dollars per semester all right so if it’s for Masters program is two years then you calculate that for six semester but you are going to be paying a semester right you don’t have to don’t pay everything in advance so you pay per semester and the very last one which I’m going to show you is my school the University of Nevada so University of Abella is in admitting um in in the province are better and then you can check you know also what the attrition is for both Masters students both course based and tuition based for example this is the standard tuition for course based Masters program you know 8 800 per Theory courses right so if you do tier courses in a semester it’s around 8 800 but if you decide to take more courses then it’s going to be a little bit more expensive so uh let’s see so you can check all other for example and those for example they are MBA um the NBA is more expensive actually you know the MBA is around 28 000 per year so it’s quite expensive compared to other schools but normal Masters program is quite you know affordable um as compared to other universities

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