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studying abroad is worth it only if you’re studying at the top universities and those cost a fortune so what’s the point right no that’s not true yes studying in a well-ranked university is important because it directly impacts things like your coursework your reputation in the job market etc but that doesn’t mean you have to empty your pockets in today’s video i’m sharing a curated list of universities for ms in us with low fees and yet a high reputation let’s get started our list today focuses only on public universities this is because public universities are funded by state governments and are hence cheaper than that of private universities so if you’re mindful of your budget this is where you should start your search we’ve picked universities based on three main criteria employability affordability and how international student friendly they are lastly in today’s video we’re focusing on affordability only in terms of the annual tuition fees so when you’re making a decision about whether you should shortlist a university or not make sure to refer to the university website for tuition fees and take into account living expenses if you would like us to make a video on living expenses let us know in the comments below and we will take that suggestion up as well let’s explore the first one university of california davis why is this one on the list well it’s a no-brainer california check annual tuition fees below 25 lakhs check and check 90 minutes away from silicon valley check check check uc davis is the northernmost campus within the university of california system it is nicknamed the public ivy because it offers top-tier education like an ivy league university but at the cost of a public university the next screen will show the stats for popular engineering courses but feel free to check out this university on the orchid app for your own personal course preferences [Music] if you would like to generate this list for yourself then head over to your kit explorer linked in the description below just add the suitable filters according to your choice country course rank sort by popularity or tuition fees and scroll down to find a long list of universities for yourself let’s look at the second one on the list which is university of california santa barbara again very similar reasons as to why we picked ucsb just like uc davis though this is of course you know a little bit farther away from silicon valley as compared to uc davis but that’s not really a concern because business insider actually ranks university of california santa barbara as one of the top 20 schools uh from which you know silicon valley hires students regularly so which is great news for you know anybody looking to be placed in you know tech industries particularly another interesting factor about ucsb uh which makes it very attractive to students is the fact that they are also offering gre waivers particularly for the msncs program as far as i have checked so be sure to check out this university as well we’ll be sharing the stats in the upcoming screen [Music] the next university we go off straight into the opposite end of america which is new york uh very made very popular by hollywood movies tv shows new york is a state that many international students aspire to go to of course it is true that new york is among the top three most expensive cities in the world to live in but ub sunny this particular university that we’ve shortlisted brings together the best of both worlds you get world-class education and is definitely quite affordable as well in fact uh ub sunny actually has a very large international student population of which indians actually make up more than 70 so this is a great choice for students traveling from india to the us who want to pursue masters another fun fact is that many your kitters actually choose ub sunny quite often it is actually among our top five shortlisted universities as well so if you would like to speak to anybody who is interested in going to ub sunny for the upcoming intake just check out your kid connect you will find uh student profiles that you can directly dm and speak to them about another interesting factor about ub sunny is that of course it’s located in new york which is an employer hub in the world there are many leading companies startups in new york so that’s not even something you know to be worried about [Music] the next university we’re going to look at is university of wisconsin-madison if you ask any person living in the us to point you to a place that’s affordable in the us in terms of states they will typically ask you to look at the midwest right now that consists of a few states but we are specifically today looking at wisconsin and we’ve picked a university from there the reason we picked it is not only because of affordability this one is another university that’s termed as a public ivy uh in fact it’s also an r1 research university which means that there is a lot of research activity happening in this university plus according to us news you know half their enrollments for masters comes from international students so this also makes it a very attractive option for those who want to pursue an ms in the us in the upcoming screen you will find stats for university of wisconsin-madison feel free to screenshot that remember these are stats that we’ve collected at the time of upload they are subject to change so be sure to visit the university website for any updated information that you may want let’s go to another university which is university of houston it’s located in texas which is the largest state in america some reasons for choosing this university is that of course it’s very well ranked it’s ranked in the top 100 second is that out of all their enrollments for masters two thirds of it actually comes from international students so it’s very international student friendly and number three is that the annual tuition is under 25 lakhs for the next university we’re going back to california but this time we’re not going back to the university of california system we’re picking another university which is san jose state university uh if you heard of this university already you know hit the like button and let us know in the video this university is located only 15 minutes away from silicon valley and it is again in the top universities that silicon valley hires from so very good pet to place on as an international student on this university and if all that’s not enough you know the ranking and what i’ve said so far just go check out linkedin there’s a very simple way to verify you know what alumni of universities are doing and this is a hack that i’m gonna share with you go to the linkedin page and type the school name that you’re interested in in this case it’s san jose state university and just click the alumni button you will see that you can filter out people and see in terms of what they’ve studied where they’re working what location they are in right now that gives you a good understanding of what people in general do once they pass out of a specific course at that university so be sure to note down this hack and use it when you are shortlisting universities the next one on the list that we’re looking at is university of california santa cruz it is back in the university of california system very hard to move away from it considering there are so many campuses and all located within california which is a very very popular student friendly state uc santa cruz is another university that is located only 40 minutes away from silicon valley but that’s not the only reason we’ve put this university on the list they actually offer really specialized programs particularly if you’re interested in ms in cs they offer really specialized programs like you know natural language processing or hci you can get a full-fledged masters in these niche courses so that is another reason why students tend to pick this particular university as well if you’re curious to find out what are your admission chances to these universities you will find a admit predictor option when you sign into your kit for any of the universities that are listed just try that out and check it out it will give you your admission percentages based on your profile if not if you’d like a hand-picked list of universities for your profile then check out yourkit college finder you just have to enter some basic details about your profile the ai algorithm will do the remaining hard work and give you universities according to your admit chances whether that’s ambitious moderate and safe so be sure to check that out i have linked that in the description as well now coming to the last two universities bonus universities uh that i would love to share with you bonus not because you know they are lacking in any way to the rest of the universities but bonus because it will surprise you to know that these are also well ranked and affordable and within your range the first one is university of illinois in chicago the second one is georgia institute of technology the stats for both of these universities will come in the upcoming screen so be sure to check that out as well [Music] and that’s all from our end if you like this video you know make sure to hit like share it with other study abroad aspirants or you know keep it to yourself if you like uh subscribe definitely to the channel because i am going to be sharing more such candid tips for all study abroad questions uh that you may have on this page if you have any specific questions that you have in mind you know comment down below and we’ll make a video out of it if there is enough public demand for it as well while we’re talking about you know budget and affordable universities if you would like to check out a list of scholarships and what you can how you can get them for your ms and us be sure to check out the video that i’ve linked in the end screen but for now that’s all from my side and this is shruti signing off tata [Music] you

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